CONTESTI, SPAZI, FUNZIONI. Osservazioni sulla coroplastica dal versante meridionale della Patela di Priniàs

Antonella Pautasso


The present paper concerns the coroplastic finds coming from the area of the central block lying on the southern slope of the Patela of Priniàs. The block, built around the middle of the 7th century B.C., is of particular interest for the uniqueness of the structure within the urban plan of the archaic settlement. The results of the excavations carried out in 1989, 1991, 1993 and 1994 have converged in the monograph by Giovanni Rizza (2008), but only a small part of finds has been included. In the last years the reappraisal of the old excavations data together with the new study of the architectural remains and archaeological records, has been undertaken with the aim to understand the history of this settlement area before the building of the archaic block, to reconstruct the functions of the rooms through the study of the floor assemblages, and to interpret the relationship between the so called building C and the other rooms of the block. The analysis of the earliest coroplastic finds, revealed new interesting data on the first history of this area and raises a few interesting issues about the dynamics of continuity and discontinuity in the use of areas and objects over time.

Parole chiave

Coroplastic; Coroplastica; Priniàs; Creta; Architectural remains

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