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Creta Antica 7

Yannis Hamilakis and Nicoletta Momigliano, Archaeology and European Modernity: Stories from the Borders      

Philip Carabott, A Country in a ‘State of Destitution’ Labouring under an ‘Unfortunate Regime’: Crete at the Turn of the 20th century (1898-1906)         

James Whitley, The Minoans - a Welsh invention? A View from East Crete                            

Christine Morris, From Ideologies of Motherhood to ‘Collecting Mother Goddesses’                

Philip Duke, Knossos as Memorial, Ritual and Metaphor                                                          

Ken Lapatin, Forging the Minoan past                                                                                                

Andrew Sherrat, Crete, Greece and the Orient in the Thought of Gordon Childe (with an Appendix on Toynbee and Spengler: the Afterlife of the Minoans in European Intellectual History)                 

Lena Sjögren, Minoan Wannabees: The Resurrection of Minoan Influences in Scandinavian Archaeology          

Yannis Hamilakis, The Colonial, the National, and the Local: Legacies of the ‘Minoan’ Past        

Esther Solomon, Knossos: Social Uses of a Monumental Landscape                                                   

Roderick Beaton, Minoans in Modern Greek Literature                                                                                    

David Roessel, Happy Little Extroverts and Bloodthirsty Tyrants: Minoans and Mycenaeans

in Literature in English after Evans and Schliemann                    

Cathy Gere, Cretan Psychoanalysis and Freudian Archaeology: H.D.’s Minoan Analysis with Freud in 1933

Fritz Blakolmer, The Arts of Bronze Age Crete and the European Modern Style: Reflecting and Shaping Different Identities              

Vincenzo La Rosa and Pietro Militello, Minoan Crete in 20th-century Italian Culture

Anna Simandiraki, The ‘Minoan’ Experience of Schoolchildren in Crete 


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Archaeology; Crete; The Minoans; Knossos; Evans and Schliemann; Childe; Scandinavian Archaeology; Modern Greek Literature; Minoans and Mycenaeans;

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